Voice Over Viking Is Now On Audible!

Black Autumn: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga, By Jayson Ross, survival expert and Jeff Kirkham, Veteran Green Beret of 27 years, is now available Audible.com!  Dive into the story of survival experts, former special operations soldiers, and desperate communities trying to survive a world gone wrong.  Black Autumn is a story about disaster, as much as it is about the value of family, protecting them at any cost, and the darker side of humanity... the predators that linger at the shadowy edges of society, waiting for their chance to seize control of the fragments of America, and rule it with an iron fist.  Listen to Black Autumn today, and prepare for tomorrow.  Click the link to get a copy of the audiobook, and begin your journey into the potential darkness of the not-so-distant future.

Image by Manik Roy

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